Students are to provide their own school supplies at the beginning of the school year.

Please bring all the supplies the first day of school and the teacher will collect the items

and distribute the supplies throughout the school year as needed. 

2018-2019 School supply List

Grades 3-8

1 pack color pencils
1 pack 24 crayons, no larger
*2 boxes kleenex
* 3 packs of plastic knives
*3 packs of paper plates
*3 packs of plastic forks
*3 packs plastic spoons and knives
*3 packs antibacterial wipes
*24 No.2 lead pencils (no mechanical pencils)
*24 red pens

A New Living Translation of the Holy Bible
Calculator for grades 7-8 scientific type
* items to be used by the classroom and collected on the first day of school.


Grades K-2

2-24 count box of crayons (one box per semester)

1-package of washable Crayola markers

12-Ticonderoga wooden pencils

2-pink erasers

1-pair of scissors (such as Fiskars-blunt)

1-bottle white glue

4-glue sticks

2-2pocket folders

1-ruler with easy to read numbers


1-set headphones


1-water bottle with screw top for easy filling and closing with no spilling

1-backpack (no rollers)

1-package of 4 or more dry erase whiteboard markers

1-white board eraser

1-large shirt to wear over clothes when painting

2-sewn primary composition notebooks

1-folding Kindergarten mat, extra small pillow, large towel, for resting

1-roll scotch tape

1-hand lens or magnifying glass

Storage containers that will fit the student's desk to organize supplies

change of clothes and shoes

Purchase the following for class mates to share:

2-large containers of Clorox wipes 

1-box Kleenex

96 count of plastic spoons, 96 count plastic forks, 96 count of knives